Sacred Wilderness is fundamentally about creating connection. Connection with our Inner Self, with our Tribe and with the Earth, through Deep Immersions in Nature.

The magic simply happens by coming together as a tribe in Nature, where we are free to express what it is to be human. Using methods such as council for storytelling and deep sharing, survival skills and natural movement to recreate confidence in our bodies inherent abilities, sacred sound journeys to discover and express our inner voice, personal and tribal ceremonies to create meaning and set intention for your path, solo nature time to deeply connect and learn from the land as well as many other practices that cultivate mindfulness to bring into our everyday life.  

Our offerings for both adults and youth range from guided Sacred hikes to Wilderness camps to global travel adventures as well as more intimate one on one transformational coaching in person and online. 

For those who feel called, our journeys offer the space for profound self-discovery and transformation. By simply taking you out of your normal, everyday environment and placing you in the classroom of the greatest teacher of all – Mother Nature – you will be able to fully explore not only what it is to be human but what it is to be the fullest expression of you. 


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